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April 1, 2013
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Germany X Reader


Slowly you watched the small, shy flame flicker on the burnt wick of the candle on the table in front of you. All was dark inside the living room as you sat on the floor, resting your elbow on the wooden surface of coffee table and noticing how the small mass of immense heat would wave and bend with each breath you let out.
You sighed and leaned back against the soft couch behind you, watching the flame dance in the darkness around it, fighting it off like a knight would a dragon. On these silent of nights you would often find an untouched candle within the house and light it, sitting in front of the burning substance to watch how the flame moved and glided gracefully and expressing the passion that you wished you could express to your one and only love. But you couldn’t, at least not at that moment.
Leaning forward, you let one of your soft fingers glide along the smooth surface of the candle, catching a drop of hot wax that had been making its journey down the steep slope. It slightly burned, fresh from the small pool that was collecting right beneath the flame, therefore stinging the pad of your small finger before hardening in a firm shell. You studied the smooth texture, noticing how it made your skin feel tighter and restrained underneath the cemented wax and with the lightest brushing movement did the substance fall off its perch and onto the floor with the other numerous bundles.
You indulged in the newly, more enhanced, smoothness on your finger, smiling at the feeling as you rubbed the pad lightly and comparing it to that of your husband’s fingers. How they were so very calloused, so firm, hard, tough, matching his demeanor perfectly.
However, when those hands reached out to you, when he caressed those hands against your skin did they feel softer then cotton, as light as a feather, as gentle as a newborn babies touch, radiating the warmest love. These were just some things that you missed so dearly about him, and knowing that when – if – he came home from the war, that his skin would be even tougher than before, even more calloused like that of a rock. However at that silent moment in your lonely house, watching the melting candle, you just wished he’d come home.
With another deep, nostalgic sigh, you leaned forward and blew out the candle quickly, watching as the flame disappeared and was still holding on by a small ember at the very tip of the charcoal black wick. Smoke streamed up and danced in the air like ballerinas on cloudy skies until fading away into the dark atmosphere as you stood up and walked away from the mass of wax and upstairs to where your bedroom awaited with open arms.
The memories of past events with your drafted husband had brought a depressed aura into your system and now all you wished was to sleep that feeling away until morning rose, and that is just what you started to do beneath your blankets, pressing your warm but empty body against the cold sheets, trying to find some comfort.
Sweet dreams, my dear.

The birds chirping outside your curtain drawn window seemed unusually loud today, cheerful, in fact and with an irritated groan did you open your dull gems to take in the bright sun trying to break through the thin cloth that rested in front of the closed glass windows. You could blurrily make out the bright emerald leaves of the trees surrounding your house as they gently blew with the unfelt breeze and you smiled at the sight before realize you had no one to share this moment with-
“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Alarm racked your mind as your heart jumped with fear and with speed you didn’t know you had, your body turned around to face the side of the bed that your husband would usually sleep on, and he was. There in all his glory, blue eyes expressing the smile that was already on his face as he lightly laughed at your surprise.
Your mind couldn’t register the words you so desperately wanted to get out, and therefore you merely sat there, mouth open and gaping, while a shaky hand reaches up to lightly touch his tousled blonde locks before roaming down to his cheek where you touched the rough skin of his that was on your very mind last night, feeling just how this firm texture radiated warmth into your palm, making you realize this was the softest texture your hand would ever touch.
“I’m home, leibe, I’m home.” He spoke gently, turning his head to place a kiss to your hand before returning his smile to your direction.
“I missed you!” You shouted, throwing your arms around him and hugging him tighter then you ever thought possible, “I thought you’d never come home…” You mumbled into his shoulder, tears brimming against your closed eyes as you felt his arms tighten their hold on your body.
“I told you I vould.” He mumbled back quietly into your hair, letting you both sit in silence and welcome each other’s presence. However you soon changed this peaceful moment into that of serene as you slowly brought your lips to his, letting the soft texture of his comfort you and remind you just what you had been thinking of last night. That small flame that flickered gracefully, was now brighter than it ever was before as Ludwig melted your heart in the largest amounts of love.
Okay... uh my first X Reader so don't butcher me if it's bad. Hope you all like it.

Hetalia does not belong to me whatsoever.
The plot only belongs to I.
You belong to yourself.
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The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
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Boy: I dont like u...I love u
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Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me
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